Pioneers to the Nation Award
Katy Bryce and Adam Weismann of Lizard based Cob in Cornwall ( have been acknowledged with a ‘Pioneers to the Nation’ award form Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. This is to recognise the work that they have carried out with the traditional Cornish methods of building with cob and lime. The award has been given to ‘mark the contribution Pioneers have made to the life of the nation’. ‘Pioneers’ has been defined as: ‘ground breaking individuals who have changed or contributed something unique to the way we live or set new examples for others to follow.’ Katy Bryce and Adam Weismann have an ecological ethos at the core oftheir company and the materials that they work with. They restore ancient cob properties, repairing damaged walls and reinstating the traditional and appropriate lime renders and finishes that complement cob walls. They are also using cob (clay sub-soil, straw, sand and water) to build new structures- new houses, garden rooms, summer houses, garden walls and courtyards, indoor and outdoor earthen fireplaces, and earth ovens. The reception will take place on October 13th 2003 at Buckingham Palace.